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Name: ריסקיפייד
Address: Kalischer St 30
Tel Aviv-Yafo

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What is Riskified?

Riskified makes it easier for online merchants to accept high risk credit card transactions. We review, approve and guarantee transactions merchants might otherwise decline. All approved transactions carry a 100% money back guarantee in the event of fraud, allowing our merchants to sell with confidence.

Riskified was founded to solve the unique risk and fraud challenges that online merchants face when managing their business. Riskified’s flexible business model enables merchants to select which transactions they want to send to Riskified for review. The only time merchants are ever charged is when Riskified approves and guarantees a transaction.

Read more about Riskified here.

Working at Riskified:

One of the best hi-tech companies in Israel you haven’t heard of! Check out some of the great things about working with us:

  • Amazing offices in the middle of Tel Aviv, just near Shuk HaCarmel.
  • Raised $25 million in February 2016 to accelerate growth and customer success from top VCs including Genesis Partners.
  • Excellent customer base, including global retailers such as Burberry, Wish and Viagogo.
  • We are growing! Last year our revenue grew 400%, from approving over $3 billion in transactions.
  • We are providing real value to our customers: “we approve 66% of orders retailers plan to decline”.

At a glance:

  • Founded in 2012
  • 125 staff in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Boston, USA. Looking to grow to 200 in the next 12 months
  • Numerous corporate clients in 76 countries, including Burberry, Wish and Viagogo
  • Awards: 2016 MRC METAward technology prize
  • Positions for internationals in Israel include marketing automation manager, content marketing, business development representative, sales executive and more
  • Crunchbase profile
  • Riskified is one of Secret Tel Aviv’s ‘12 of the Best Places To Work in Israel‘.

Check out open positions


Check out open positions

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