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Address: Ahaliav St 8
Ramat Gan


What is eTeacher?

eTeacherGroup is an international Ed-Tech operation:

  • Making Virtual Schools Since 2000 – Research suggests that, among school-related factors, teachers matter most. This is why we brought the traditional classroom to the Internet.
  • Strong Content Development Capabilities – Our team of scholars, pedagogical experts, instructional designers, creative multimedia developers, and program managers have worked together to develop a unique and rich library of educational content.
  • A Global Team of 300 Teachers Worldwide – We recruit, train and schedule hundreds of teachers worldwide on a daily basis. We run thousands of group classes led by our teachers every week in all time zones and in 8 different languages!
  • Global Customer Acquisition Expertise – The combination of our professional marketing knowledge and the fact that we operate in 8 major languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Korean, opens our virtual school doors to billions of potential students
  • Multilingual Call Centers at 4 Different Locations  – In order to support our schools and students around the globe, we have established a group of call centers that can provide services to our schools and students in 8 different languages.
  • Strong Business Intelligence – Our unique Business Intelligence tools and applications allow us to optimize all of our processes, including marketing, sales, customer service, courses, and teacher-evaluation.
  • Software and Infrastructure – The system is constantly developing and improving since our foundation. Today, it includes the following main modules: CRM for our different call center teams, LMS (learning management system), scheduling and teacher management, campaign management system and more.

Working at eTeacher

Work in a fun and culturally diverse environment:

  • Team events, toasts, Happy Hours and a variety of events are only a fraction of the many fun events organized by eTeacherGroup!
  • Our people are our greatest assets – We believe in empowering our employees, letting them grow and develop professionally. We provide our people with a wide variety of jobs and fields of expertise and a wealth of opportunities for personal growth (promotions and lateral advancements).
  • Anyone who joins the family is welcome to share his ideas and help us grow as we take a journey together.

At a Glance

  • Founded in 2000
  • 4 offices locations worldwide- Ramat-Gan, Bethlehem, Seoul, Montevideo.
  • 500 employees
  • 300 teachers
  • Over 35,000 students enrolling every year
  • Our Partners include: Pamoja capital, Hebrew University Of Jerusalem, Ministry of foreign affairs and Ministry of education.

Check out open positions


Check out open positions

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