What is Comeet?

Our collaborative recruiting software has become the preferred choice of Startup Nation’s most exciting companies. (We also have customers in 40 other countries). In fact, it’s highly likely that if you work in tech and have applied for positions in Israel during the last couple of years, you’ve “used” our system.

The reason behind this success is that Comeet helps companies and others, from non-profits to agencies, find the people they need to grow. Delivered as Software-as-a-Service, our product improves and streamlines every stage of the source-to-hire recruiting journey for everyone involved with recruiting. We’ve automated most of the admin tasks that are better handled by software, while greatly improving the steps where human evaluation, communication and judgement are so important.

Since launching commercial sales in March 2015, we won a 2015 UXie Award for UX excellence (read more about it), gained customers across the globe, and earned some seriously positive customer reviews. Here is what some of our Startup Nation customers said about us:

  • Adsap: “Your service is priceless.”
  • BigPanda: “I love your product and the UX is amazing.”
  • Clicktale: “From Day One, it’s been amazing.”
  • Elminda: “Damn you guys rock… love your product BTW.”
  • Fiverr: “Comeet is life-changing.”
  • Redis Labs: “Ease of use is basically off the charts.”
  • Sisense: “The best system I have ever worked with in 10 years of managing people.”
  • Sodastream: “Comeet is the iPhone of recruiting, really functional and efficient.”

Overall, our customers love us because:

1. We help them make faster and better hiring decisions.

2. Our product is incredibly easy to use and actually useful compared to the competition

3. We provide stellar customer support.

4. We love them. (No, seriously, we have made a ton of great relationships among the recruiters, hiring managers and entrepreneurs expanding Startup Nation’s global rep).

Working at Comeet

Most of us work from our head office in the Montefiore neighborhood, next to Sarona, Azrieli towers, and Hashalom train station. It’s a ground floor open space blessed with lots of light and art created or curated by our team.

We also have remote staff in the Ukraine, India and the USA. We’re not sure where one of our support reps physically is because he’s traveling the globe. (Despite having already visited 72 countries, he’s incredibly responsive to support requests). For the past two years, our summer intern program has imported college talent from the United States, greatly contributing to not only our corporate growth, but also the richness of lunch conversations over food. Regardless of location and nationality, the lingua franca of the office and the company is English.

We like to work together but we’re also very heterogenous; among the team are Star Wars fans, mothers and fathers, wine lovers, a closet architect and a former restaurant critic who chooses the places where we enjoy company outings and dinners.

Collaboration is not only the core of our product, it’s how we work together. We work closely with each other as well as with our customers who heavily influence product development priorities and timelines. As a relatively small company, every employee can have a huge impact. Daily standups provide an opportunity for everyone to influence and improve the company, and we are always seeking new ideas and perspectives.

Comeet is a welcoming home for people who want freedom, flexibility and opportunity. If you think you’re a fit for a specific opening, let us know. If you think you can contribute in a way not directly connected to a job title, we still want to hear from you.

At a Glance

  • Founded: 2014
  • Employees: 15
  • Funding: $2.3M
  • Incubation experience:
    • UpWest Labs 2014 Accelerator (Palo Alto, CA)
    • Google Launchpad Accelerator
  • Clients: 150+ in 40 countries

Check out open positions

Check out open positions

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