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What is Clicktale?

Clicktale taps into the wisdom and behaviour of millions of visitors to help businesses deliver amazing digital experiences to their customers.

The pioneer and leader in Experience Analytics, Clicktale combines cognitive computing, data science and applied psychological research to drive superior customer experiences. This includes boosting conversions; reducing customer frustration; increasing engagement; reducing calls to the contact center; enhancing self-provisioning on public sites or behind login, and more.

Clicktale has an unmatched reputation for delivering a competitive edge to global e-commerce, financial, travel, telecommunications and technology companies.

Clicktale Products

1. Clicktale Experience Cloud for Desktop and Mobile

A platform for experience innovation, the Clicktale Experience Cloud solves critical digital questions for the world’s leading enterprises. With unique behavioural data, clear visualizations, and world-class customer experience expertise, Clicktale partners with its customers to maximize success on every digital channel.

Available in both “self-serve” and “full-serve” plans, Clicktale Experience Cloud features a powerful suite of experience applications for desktop, mobile and apps. The platform combines cognitive computing, machine learning, and applied psychological research with intuitive workflows and visualizations to bolster users’ ability to understand, quantify, prioritize and innovate superior experiences.

2. Clicktale Experience Center for Apps

A comprehensive engagement and app experience analytics solution, Clicktale Experience Cloud for Apps uncovers deep insights into user behavior and intent, identifies areas of user struggle, and drives strategic UX improvements so you can engage and retain every user.

3. Data Products

Data Export: Clicktale’s rich data is captured in millisecond-level hovers, scrolls, clicks/taps, pace, acceleration, and more. We offer 70 types of calculated metrics based on this rich data, enabling data science and other digital teams to enrich existing marketing segments with behavioral signals, create machine learning models, and answer complex, strategic questions.

Field Analytics: Every question counts when you ask visitors to provide information on a digital form; it’s a moment of truth, in which you’re asking visitors to sign a contract with your brand. Field Analytics translates visitors’ digital body language into dozens of experience sensors so you can uncover their willingness to share information. Every interaction with every form field is captured.

4. Customer Success

Clicktale maintains a global Customer Success team that functions as an extension of your in-house digital team. Our Customer Success Managers (CSMs), Customer Experience Analysts, technical leads, deployment specialists, and Customer Service Operations work closely with customers, both on-site and remotely to meet and exceed customers’ business goals.

Clicktale heatmaps

Working at Clicktale:



And we make sure WE CARE FOR EACH OTHER on the way

Clicktale at a Glance:

  • Over 200 employees
  • ClickTale was founded in 2006. It has received $60m worth of funding, most recently $35m in January 2015. Its headquarters are in Israel, with local sales offices around the world.
  • Jobs for internationals in Israel include customer success managers and analysts, product management, marketing, customer support , R&D and back office.
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