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Brown Hotels is a Tel Aviv based design hotel brand, with hotels located in the city of Tel Aviv (the world acclaimed Brown TLV, Brown Beach House, Poli House), Jerusalem (Villa Brown Jerusalem, Villa BaMoshava) and Trogir, Croatia.

Founded by Hotelier Leon Avigad in 2010, Brown Hotels evolved out of the desire to introduce a collection of truly boutique hotels to Israel.

Why is Brown Hotels a great place to work?

  • The Brown properties are all rooted in a devotion to service, design, innovation, style and authenticity.
  • We embody the very same vision within our company. All of the employees know they not only matter, but their voice is heard as well.
  • Our very own company parties are always held in our different Hotels and make you feel like you’re part of that very special experience that is Brown Hotels. ‘Know the product you’re selling’ but feel it too.

Check out open positions

Check out open positions

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