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What is Bizzabo?

Bizzabo is an award-winning holistic event cloud and the world’s fastest growing event technology company, providing marketers with a modern suite of tools to create impactful and rewarding professional events. Bizzabo offers companies the tools to streamline and optimize their events. Customers use Bizzabo to consolidate their ‘event stack’ and benefit from the platform’s insights to manage, measure and grow their events participation, engagement and experience. The company has offices in NY and Israel and was co-founded by Eran Ben Shushan, Alon Alroy, and Boaz Katz.

Working at Bizzabo

We believe in people. We believe in innovation, ingenuity and raw authenticity. You are unique, powerful, and ripe with potential. We get that and oh hells yes will you be embracing that. We are a group of fiercely individual people who have come together drawn by a shared culture of passion, curiosity, entrepreneurship and not taking this whole life thing too seriously.

Oh yeah and we like beer. And fun. And terrible jokes (well we think they’re pretty good). Are you ready to join us?

Quick Facts

* We like to use the BizzaDictionary and say lots of things that start with “Bizza”
* One of our favorite “Bizza” is Bizzavalues – Our values are what guide us. From our day-to-day decisions to the way we build our business, to how we create our future.
* Every time we release a new feature, we drink a shot (sometimes that happens multiple times a day, that’s how good we are   )
* Lunch arrives at the office every day, fine dining by local Israeli Chefs

Check out open positions

Check out open positions

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