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They have recently moved from Shuk HaCarmel to the Rothschild Allenby Shuk- definitely worth the visit. 

Bunny Chow was born out of the townships of South Africa, where the Indian workers didn’t have time for a long lunch. Their ingenious solution: stuff your delicious natural home-made curry in a white roll and eat with your hands. Bunny Chow even has the feel of a workers cafe, complete with cool graffiti and makeshift stools.

Emily Salgado came two years ago from her hometown London and, after over a decade in Executive Search, took the plunge and opened South African Street-Food joint Bunny Chow with hubby Allon, realising their life-long dream of being business owners and bringing something new, innovative and delicious to the city. In her spare time, she has also created a series of workshops ‘Breathe & Receive’ with co-founder Maxine Isaacs helping Women to make positive changes in their lives.

“Our inspiration comes from South Africa and Israelis’ love for delicious home-made authentic food and soft sweet challah bread. For us, there is no better place than being in Shuk HaCarmel, surrounded by the best local produce in the country, alive with people and energy in a city that never sleeps!!”

“With our own chicken, beef and veggie curry recipes in Challah, we have created a unique and original twist on the traditional Bunny Chow. The result is incredibly delicious! Come and try out a bunny for yourself and take a seat at the heart of the market.”

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