Address: Retsif Herbert Samuel St 86, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Tel Aviv-Yafo

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The famous Bar has moved into the pizza business with keeping the feel of the bar but with the speed of a pizza place. FINALLY, something different when it comes to pizza in Israel!!! We’ve opened an authentic New York pizzeria in Tel Aviv!

Mike’s Pizza Place offers the best pizza around in three different sizes. Personal, Large and XL. Our concept is a little different than the rest. You can get a plain cheese pizza, a pizza with toppings or a pizza with artisan toppings. The difference with us is for one price you can add as many toppings from that group as you’d like!!!

The fun doesn’t stop there! We’ve brought a NEW pizza to the table! It’s called PizSalat! What’s that you ask? We’ve decided that salad is great on pizza…so that’s what we’ve done! Freshly tossed pizza dough goes into the oven with cheese and olive oil. Once that’s hot and crispy, we take it out and add salad on top! It’s crispy, fresh and crunchy all at once.

We also offer delicious appetizers, salads and pastas to go along with our fabulous pizza menu.

What’s pizza without dessert? Mike’s Pizza Place is one of the few restaurants in Israel with a soft serve ice cream machine!! We are also the only restaurant in Tel Aviv with a Coca Cola fountain soda machine. Put the two together and you get ice cream sodas!!! We went ahead and brought in root beer as well to crave that classic taste you’re looking for! We also carry delicious brownies and belgian waffles to satisfy that sweet tooth!

Last but not least…BEER! We decided that every slice of pizza should have a cheap pint of beer with it. So we priced our draft beer super cheap so you can come anytime for a pint! With our beautiful outside deck, the Tel Aviv sunset never tasted better.

Stop by our counter to get a great smile, American style service and the best pizza around!


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