Mendele Mokher Sfarim St 5

Inside the Mendeli Street Hotel, the kitchen of Mashya is filled with the spicy aroma of mace, the local spice that the restaurant is named for and which inspired chef Yossi Shitrit’s reinvented traditional cuisine. Mashya is a restaurant with a focus on design, whose bright, clean look is trimmed with the rough and rugged textures of locally-sourced natural materials, helping it blend with the spirit of the nearby outdoor market.

A visit to Mashya lets you experience the authentic joys of local life, down to every “Mineral, metal, earth and sand and stone,” to quote from Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s 1997 novel, Mistress of Spices. Worthy to serve as a muse for an exclusive gourmet restaurant, the Mistress of Spices knows “their origins, and what their colors signify, and their smells.”

At Mashya, the emphasis is on freshness, and on combining the highest quality ingredients with the most advanced, sophisticated cooking techniques. With soft lighting, specially designed ceramic and metal tableware, and lush vines that drape the restaurant’s walls, you are in the perfect environment for experiencing the gastronomical adventures that the Mashya has in store.

This restaurant is included in our  ‘Best Upscale Restaurants in Tel Aviv’ guide. 

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