Yefet 18, Tel Aviv

The first historic Anglo-Palestine Bank building on Yefet Street, next to the flea market, houses an ice cream parlor and an Italian café designed in an intimate family atmosphere. The owner Johnny shamshon, a 27-year-old man, prepares the ice cream every morning in small quantities of natural ingredients.

Johnny learned the art of making ice cream from an Italian chef named Jeff, after whom the place was named. In order to preserve the quality of the ice cream in place, Johnny avoids the use of commercial production methods and artificial materials. Extracts and preservatives do not enter the kitchen – only quality chocolate, cream and fresh fruit.
The selection includes flavors such as French vanilla, Belgian chocolate and Sicilian pistachio, as well as original Johnny creations, such as crischnite ice cream, watermelon and mint sorbet, almond ice cream and caramel ice cream, luacker ice cream, mint ice cream and chocolate. Johnny makes a new and changing taste every week, like “Johny’s” ice cream with caramel and nut flavors.

The vegans note that the selection includes no less than 12 vegan flavors, sorbet and ice cream, without compromising taste.

Desserts combined with ice creams are part of the culinary tradition of Belgian waffles, French crepes, chocolate souffles and cheesecake, which vary according to season.

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