King George Street 68, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

EatMeat is not the kind of place you would know to go to unless recommended by someone. This low profile, tiny little joint near Dizengoff Center offers 2 dishes: entrecote sandwich and entrecote salad. That’s it. The men working there know their thing. They work the grill like no other sandwich pro.

They spread the fresh chimichurri, mustard and mayonaise on the bread with an exact dosage measured by the movement of the wrist on the knife. The choreography is perfect, the sauteed onions first and then the meat on top, chop, lift, chop…it is always the exact same sandwich. The loaf of bread is warm and cut exactly in half, by the dexterous and quiet genious. They only take cash, and your drink choices are either a soft drink or a beer. And yes, it is glorious.


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