Reines 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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Located in Dizengoff Square in the heart of Tel Aviv. The square is decorated with a variety of ancient trees, a granolite floor and seating areas. The main element of the square is the fountain of Jacob Agam which overlooks the bar area. The Beer-Garden is a concept that has been sweeping the world for years and now Israel, it combines the experience of sitting in the bar and the street. Therefore, the design of the place is a combination of both interior and exterior.
In order to provide the perfect experience, alongside the beers that are poured from barrels and bottles are served in the best tradition: quality sausages, meats, sauces, fresh and hot peppers and of course cooked cabbage and a variety of spectacular dishes. All this, combined with sports broadcasts of all kinds, from all over the world projected on a giant screen, and even the launch of sports related products.
The culinary and Bavarian experience completes the authentic appearance of the old beer-styled building in a combination of modern and contemporary design, while maintaining clear lines of the tavern, such as long wooden tables that create communal seating, beer barrels, faucets, symbols and more.
The music on the site is composed of computer-played music and live performances of musical ensembles and performances.
Our vision is to assure you that even today, nearly seven thousand years after Bushella’s first capital, you will experience that first, vibrant and happy experience as we know how to create.


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