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Weizmann St 67

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A truly French-inspired bakery. The hand of perfection is apparent in every detail of the Bakery’s design, service, pastries, breads and cakes. Berry-filled pastries, flaky croissants, golden muffins, tartes tatins, yeast cakes and buttery cookies seduce the eye, while the primordial odor of baking bread conquers the olfactory sense.

The Bakery is part of the R2M Group, the same owners as The Brasserie and The Coffee Bar. Initially the idea of The Bakery was conceived with the idea of enabling customers to take home all the baked goods from both restaurants, as well as from the Hotel Montefiore, Rothschild 12 and The Delicatessen.

The Bakery has five locations in Tel Aviv – Yad Haruzim 13 (next to Coffee Bar), Ibn Gvirol 72 (next to The Brasserie), Weizmann 67 (Kikar HaMedina), Dizengoff 260, and Yehuda HaLevi 79 (inside the Delicatessen)

The Bakery is included in Secret Tel Aviv’s ‘Guide to the Best Bakeries in Tel Aviv‘.


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