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Exit Room

Exit Room is one of the largest chains of Escape Rooms in Israel, with six games spread out across two locations in Tel Aviv… one in central Tel Aviv (Allenby 65) and one in South Tel Aviv (Abulafya 23).

Play our live interactive escape game! Use nothing but your logic and imagination! The best live escape rooms located in Israel! You’re to find yourself racing the clock, trying to solve clues to reveal the combination of a lock that opens a chest that hides another clue that contain hints on how to read the next that leads to another mystery within another mystery within another mystery… You will find our clues, in no particular order, so you must figure out how they go together to help you escape!

Allenby 65:

1. Pandora (Allenby 65) – Pandora’s box is full of nightmares, but also hope. Help her find the box and release hope before the nightmares take over! 4 people.
2. Capital Punishment (Allenby 65) – you have an hour until your execution – can you figure out how to escape? 2-3 people.
3. Haunted House (Allenby 65) – can you escape the haunted house before the ghosts get you?! 2-6 people.

Other Rooms in Tel Aviv:

4. Imaginarium (Abulafya 23) – have you ever had a dream that you’ve not been able to understand? You have 60 minutes to figure it out or you will be locked in the dream forever! 2-4 people.
5. Maniac’s Shelter (Abulafya 23) – You are locked in the basement of a serial killer.. can you escape before you are his next victim? 2-7 people.

Exit Room is featured in our Guide to the Best Escape Rooms in Tel Aviv.


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