Brainit Jaffa

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Address: Shim'on Ben Shatakh St 9
Tel Aviv-Yafo
Category: Activities

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Chain of Escape Rooms across Israel, with two locations in Tel Aviv – HaRekevet 22 (near the Central Bus Station) and Shimon Ben Shatakh 9 (Jaffa).


1. Boardwalk Empire (Jaffa) – The period is 1920th, USA. The great depression and the burst of the economic bubble are close. The “dry law” as a guarantee of the wellness of the nation, Al Capone as a symbol of prosperity and the whole organized crime in the service of politics. 2-6 people.

2. Trapped (Jaffa) – Can you escape Dr Stevenson’s horror clinic! 2-5 people.


HaRakevet 22

1. Altair Space Station (Tel Aviv) – We’ve lost contact with the International Space Station – your mission is to travel to space and find out what’s happened! 2-4 people.

2. Elm Street (Tel Aviv) – Can you escape from your horror nightmares! 2-4 people.

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