Babylon Jewry Heritage Museum

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Address: Sderot Mordehai Ben Porat 83
Or Yehuda
Category: Activities

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The Babylon Jewry Museum is an incredible museum which showcases the founding of the Jewish religion in Babylon and takes you on a 2,000 year journey of the history of the Iraqi jews. The museum tells the story of the community and the way of life of the Jews in Iraq, customs, manners, art and culture.This is a history that all Jews around the world share and a must see if you are visiting Israel.

The Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center was founded in 1973 to perpetuate the history and culture of the Jewish community of Iraq and ensure that it remains part of the future narrative of the Jewish people. Or Yehuda was a natural location for the Center, as the city – whose name means the “Light of Judah” – sprung up from what was one of the biggest immigrant transit camps for Iraqi and other Jews of Middle Eastern origin after their arrival in 1950- 1951. The Center fosters research, preservation, and publicity around this mission.

The Babylonian Jewry Museum opens a window to the glorious and oldest heritage in the Diaspora and presents episodes in the history of the Jews of Babylon over the generations for more than two thousand and eight hundred years. The Historical section of the Museum tells the story of the community and the Ethnographic department shows the way of life of the Jews in Iraq, customs, manners, art and other material representing the culture.