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San Ren Xing Chinese Classes

Category: Activities

A bridge for you to learn Chinese and the Amazing Chinese culture!...

VIP Card: 25% discount on a pack of 12 classes

The Piano Studio

Category: Activities

Centrally located in the heart of Tel Aviv, The Piano Studio offers...

VIP Card: 2 hours sail 800/950 NIS instead of 1050/1150 NIS; 3 hours sail 1050/1150


Category: Activities

Sailor is a Yacht Club and Sailing School which provides yacht charters,...

VIP Card: 15% Discount on Spanish language courses

Instituto Cervantes Tel Aviv (Spanish)

Category: Activities

Instituto Cervantes is a non-profit organization set up by the Spanish government...

VIP Card: 120 NIS off upcoming courses when signing up from Secret Tel Aviv

Citizen Cafe Oolpan

Category: Activities
Tags: Ulpan and VIP Card

The new urban ulpan by Citizen Cafe in Tel Aviv offers 10-week...

VIP Card: 100 NIS discount off a group course **

Ulpan La-Inyan

Category: Activities
Tags: Ulpan

About Ulpan La-Inyan Coming to live in Israel in 2007, Ami Steinberger...

VIP Card: 10% off of all merchandise

Gal BePole

Twerk classes, privates, twerk workshops for hen (bachlorette) parties, fitness clothing line,...

VIP Card: 10% Discount Off Group Classes

Tel Aviv Art Studio

Category: Activities

A place for young and old to express their creativity while learning...

VIP Card: 10% Discount for first 6 months

Osgood English School

Category: Activities

Osgood English School is an English afterschool for Israelis and Olim. It...


Category: Activities

Tandem jumps and skydiving courses with breathtaking views of the coast of...

Babylon Jewry Heritage Museum

Category: Activities

The Babylon Jewry Museum is an incredible museum which showcases the founding...


Category: Activities and Shops

LOL&POP is a private confectionery of Levitan family. We are the first...