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Food Games

Category: Activities

  Food Games is a fun and engaging cooking competition consisting of...

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Altmans Gallery

Category: Activities

Our boutique gallery was created for art connoisseurs in Israel, Russia and...

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Instituto Cervantes Tel Aviv (Spanish)

Category: Activities

Instituto Cervantes is a non-profit organization set up by the Spanish government...

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Citizen Cafe Oolpan

Category: Activities
Tags: Ulpan and VIP Card

The new urban ulpan by Citizen Cafe in Tel Aviv offers 10-week...

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Ulpan La-Inyan

Category: Activities
Tags: Ulpan

About Ulpan La-Inyan Coming to live in Israel in 2007, Ami Steinberger...

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Category: Activities

We are an a company that specializes in building state of the...

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Play Matkot TLV

Category: Activities

Try something new!! Learn how to play the great Israeli game of...

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Osgood English School

Category: Activities

Osgood English School is an English afterschool for Israelis and Olim. It...

Hebrew with Dina

Category: Activities

No more kacha-kacha Hebrew! Come learn Hebrew through natural conversation in small...

This Is Not An Ulpan

Category: Activities

Who are This is Not an Ulpan? The name gives it away…...

Gloss Gallery

Category: Activities

Gloss Gallery is a lifestyle Gallery in Tel Aviv opened daily for...

Happy Makers Club

Category: Activities

Happy Makers Club offers fun and cool arts & crafts workshops for...