Secret Tel Aviv is a space for all Tel Avivis to share their experiences and questions, meet new people, and learn about some of the Secrets of this awesome city.

Started in 2011, we now have a Facebook Group, a weekly events newsletter, a website (including Israel’s largest English-language Jobs Board and Events Calendar), Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube Shorts, and, of course, our famous Jobs Fairs.

The Three Goals of Secret Tel Aviv:

  1. Help Internationals settle in Israel.
  2. Help Businesses set up by Internationals in Israel.
  3. Help native Israelis and Internationals integrate better – we believe this is the only way to ensure Internationals make Israel their long-term home.

Where to Find Us:


Website (2015) . 88k users/month, 600k page view/month

Email (2014). 50k subscribers, 90k emails / week, 22% open rate

Social Media:

WhatsApp (2022). 100 members, 8 groups

Facebook (2010). 414k members, 140k people see, content every day

Instagram (2022). Ralaunched Dec 2022, 8,100 followers, 5k views per reel avg

TikTok (2022). 500 followers, 8k views per video avg

Recruitment Board:

Jobs Board (2016). 2,000 jobs currently, 400k applications since launch

Best Companies Guide (2016). #1 on Google, 35k page views 2022

Jobs Fairs (2016). 10 Jobs Fairs — average 2/year, 800 jobs seekers p/fair

Achievements we’re most proud of:

– Secret Tel Aviv Facebook Group – every day we help hundreds of members, there are over 10k interactions every day in the Group, our community is diverse and stronger together and includes Jews, Arab Israelis, Refugees, and people of all colours and back- grounds.

– Secret Tel Aviv Recruitment – we have helped thousands of our members find jobs, and over 300 companies find employees.

– We know of at least 3 couples who have got married after meeting via our Group or dating services.

– We have built a sustainable business and strive to provide value for our customers.

– We initiated the World’s Biggest Beach Cleanup in 2020, Israel’s largest ever environ-mental event with over 18k participants.

– We regularly support Women’s initiatives and have organised events for International Women’s Day and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and support for women-led businesses.

– We regularly promote and support LGBTQ events.

The Team:

Jonny stark aboutJonny Stark is the founder of Secret Tel Aviv. Born in Manchester, UK, he made Aliyah in 2009 at the age of 28 – one of the best decisions he ever made! Jonny has a background in finance and strategy consulting, and has also worked in hi-tech sales in Israel, but his real passion is building communities and connecting people (and his wife Fernanda, who is the Head of Design here at Secret Tel Aviv). Jonny’s favourite ‘Secret’ places in Tel Aviv are Miznon restaurant, the food stalls in the Shuk (Bunny Chow, HaShomer 1, Arepas, and Bar HaOchel), the fishmonger at 25 HaCarmel in the shuk with the big queues, and buying fresh Challah from the Lchamim bakeries. LinkedIn.

Fe Melo aboutFernanda Melo is the Head of Design at Secret Tel Aviv. Born in Sao Paulo Brazil, she moved to Israel in 2009. She has a background in fashion design and graphic design, and when she is not designing awesome graphics for Secret Tel Aviv she designing graphics, packaging, and patterns for customers all over the world. Her favourite ‘Secret’ places in Tel Aviv are Café Habima (We Like You Too), Delicatessen on Yehuda Halevi, The Tel Aviv Art Studio, and Studio Naim dance studio/ gym. Website | LinkedIn.

Tanya Glovatskaia is the head of Digital Marketing at Secret Tel Aviv. Originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia, she made aliyah in the summer 2022. She’s the coolest content creator (check out our videos from all the best places around town – IG, TikTok)Tanya’s favourite ‘Secret’ places in Tel Aviv are Cafe Puaa (vegetarian moussaka), Saône Rhone (anything with pulled short ribs), Cafe Xoho (egg n’ cheese bagel) and Kirsh Cafe (blueberry pancakes). Instagram / LinkedIn.

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