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Tal Bagels

Great choice of bagels and whatever comes with it!     Looking for more ideas?   

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No Camels

5 Healthy Snack Foods With An Israeli Flavor

Last updated January 20th 2020Healthy snacks-to-go is a trend in the food and beverage industry that will continue in 2020,...

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Events Newsletter

Secret Tel Aviv Events Newsletter 28th February 2019

From top events during the next week to the best new bars and shops, celebrate everything amazing about our beautiful...

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Daily Freier

Scientists race to create a decent Israeli bagel by 2050

Last updated November 25th 2018By Yekutiel Bornstein and Mark Levy Last Updated 11/15/2018 at 3:00 PM The Technion, Haifa: Scientists...

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Top Tens

Best Bakeries in Tel Aviv

Last updated May 27th 2020Bread is making a resurgence in Tel Aviv… as more luxury bakeries open selling unique challot, sophisticated...

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White City Boy

Free Food For Everyone! – Meet Tel Aviv’s Freegan Society

Last updated April 16th 2015It’s six in the evening. The counters of Tel Aviv’s famous market, Shuk HaCarmel are about...

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Magazine » Eat Drink Tel Aviv

Meet Cafe Xoho’s Xoli & Zoe

Last updated March 13th 2016 Meet.Talk.TelAviv At Eat.Drink.TelAviv we are excited when we have a chance to share with you some interesting...

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Magazine » Taste TLV

NOLA american bakery

Last updated March 13th 2016197 Dizengoff 03-523-0527 Sun-Thurs 7:30-21; Fri 7:30-16; Sat 9-21 Amid the array of hummus, falafel...

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