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Soreq Winery

This establishment is truly unique, not because of their product – which is excellent – but because they also boast...

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A trek from the mountain to the plain – from Nahal Katlav to Nahal Ma’ara Open a year and remove rust

Remove rust from the summer lagoon and set off with the first trek of the season. This time, we will...

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No Camels

Walk Of Art: At NYC Exhibit, Israeli Artists Show Crazy Cool Shoes

Last updated February 16th 2017“Never underestimate the power of a shoe,” famed Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti once said. A Walk Of Art,...

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Israel’s Wineries

Last updated September 7th 2017Israel is home to some absolutely gorgeous wineries. Some are older than the country itself, while...

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Turning the darkness into light with innovation

Last updated February 17th 2015  OrCam’s artificial vision device tells the wearer what she’s looking at. On Tuesday, Ben-Gurion University...

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