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ANIKA (Berlin) Dj set // Moshe Abutbul // Pasha B1zB1z // 11.1

Buxa in cooperation with the Tel Aviv Volume Festival are pleased to present: Anika Anderson, "Anika" is a musician with...

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Fash & Pasha

Hostel 51 hosts 7 up-and-coming designers selling clothes, accesories, and bags. With drinks, music, and delicious Turkish food!

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Turkish Restaurant     Looking for more ideas?   

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Pasha And Bletter

Two veteran DJs based in Tel Aviv responsible for thousands unforgettable weddings, corporate events and parties in Israel’s hottest clubs....

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Pele Ozen Live!

Pele Ozen ( Wonder Ear)  beats again in a crazy show at Barby! 

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Cosmos Night

The Cosmos Music guys Alex Kass & Lev Goldfarb are back at BuXa for a night of exquisite techno, house...

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Undigitize Night – The First Book Party in the World

Non Digital Day 2019 - the first book party in the world to be launched.

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No Camels

AgTech Startup SeeTree Raises $15M For World’s 1st Intelligence Network for Trees

Last updated January 21st 2019AgTech intelligence company SeeTree recently exited stealth mode and announced a $15 million Series A funding...

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Julie Egyptian

“A favourite of mine and a staple of Tel Aviv home cooking is Julie’s, a ramshackle place tucked away at...

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Midnight East

Opera Weekend in Akko!

Last updated August 10th 2015Don Giovanni in the Old City of Akko/Photo: Yossi Zwecker The Israel Opera takes full advantage...

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Secret Tel Aviv Guide to Israeli Weddings: You’re Engaged!! What’s next??

Last updated December 30th 2019Mazeltov on your engagement!!! Now that you’re engaged, where do you start? Starting the exciting process...

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Naama and Einav

Left: Top and bottom Studio Pasha // Right: top Urban Outfitters // skirt vintage Friday afternoon I headed over to...

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