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Goldstein Goren Country Community Center

Located in Kiryat Shalom in South Tel Aviv, the Goldstein Goren Center has outdoor and indoor swimming pools. The pool...

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Swimming Pools in Tel Aviv

Last updated August 31st 2017Looking for a public swimming pool in Tel Aviv? Here are some good ones to choose...

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Events listings 30th April to 6th May

Last updated August 5th 2014Shalom Tel Aviv! What a week we have ahead of us! Science at the Bar tonight,...

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LaCulture BAZAAR @ 12 Amiad St.Jaffa

Spring 2023 is coming and with it, the annual Passover Edition of the LaCulture TLV Initiative. The exhibition brings together...

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Israel’s Top Unicorns

Last updated January 27th 2022Over the last 2 years there’s been a dramatic shift from Startup Nation to Unicorn Nation… ...

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LaCulture – Desert – Passover 2019 edition

As every year, just prior to Passover, the LaCulture Initiative will hold its grand and annual art exhibition, which will...

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Film and conversation – Laces, Vincul Goldwasser, director of the film

A new and excellent Israeli cinema, a meeting with the film director and all in a warm atmosphere of the...

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LaCulture – Typographics – Tattoo Edition

LaCulture At the Cuckoo’s nest Theme: TYPOGRAPHICS

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Indian Film Night: Monsoon Wedding

Like to watch movies and talk about them? Do you miss the communal atmosphere of the cinemas? Come and see...

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