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Country Lamed

Located in Ramat Aviv (just near Dov Hoz Airport), Country Lamed is part of a larger sports club with a...

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Swimming Pools in Tel Aviv

Last updated August 31st 2017Looking for a public swimming pool in Tel Aviv? Here are some good ones to choose...

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No Camels

Quest For The Perfect Veggie: Israelis Create Enhanced Strains Of Fruit And Veg

From grape tomatoes to chickpeas that don’t cause flatulence, a range of vegetables and fruits never seen – or tasted...

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Are you geeky enough for GeekCon?

Last updated September 23rd 2014In 2013, Eran Geva and Itay Klein made an anti-paper airplane gun. Garden-variety geeks did not...

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In the press » Secret Tel Aviv Blog

Secret Tel Aviv in Algemeiner

Last updated March 13th 2016Secret Tel Aviv has been quoted twice in US Jewish newspaper Algemeiner this week… which in itself...

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