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Blue Sky by Meir Adoni

Meir Adoni’s kosher milk restaurant, the menu includes a wide selection of fish, vegetables, olive oil and artisan cheese. The...

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Blue Sky

Last updated March 13th 2016 Blue Sky By Leah, January 1, 2015   To be absolutely honest, we were not...

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Assaf Amdursky and the Postal Karni Quintet

A tight and solemn, intimate and revealing journey, a new perspective for Amdursky's broad and multi-year work.

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Too noisy to die: twenty years to the scratched sky of a postcard

Too noisy to die - an alternative Israeli rock evening from the 90s. The Scattered Sky of a Postcard, Chen...

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The Blues messengers in a special tribute to Pink Floyd in the Tel Aviv area

A special tribute to the legendary Pink Floyd band with new materials from the best of the psychedelic periods to...

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Blues for refugees – an evening against the expulsion of the refugees

An evening against the expulsion of the refugees

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Midnight East

Tel Aviv-Jaffa Blues Festival #5: Photo Album By Muperphoto

Still flying high on the delirium that was the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Blues Festival #5. It’s the music, it’s the places, it’s...

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Rabbits In The Sand & Beit Maariv – Big Blue Edition – 9.9

So here we are, less than two weeks before the production of one of the largest we knew with the...

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Skydiving In Israel

Last updated September 7th 2017We’ve all thought about it before… jumping out of a plane at over 10,000 feet in...

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Blue Boy

Last updated March 8th 2015Blue is the true color of Tel Aviv, the sky, the sea and this blueish denim...

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KLIKA – Beresheet

Join us, under the blue sky.

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Tripping by the sea

Tripping by The Sea. Friday, 30.6, 12:00 noon time. City center, on the waterfront, under blue sky. A group of...

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